Announcement of Management Committee

    Interim Management Committee Nepean Highlanders Bowls

In accordance with the Region Constitution, an interim management committee has been established to oversee the coordination of the New Region until the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is convened and elections are conducted. The committee’s primary objective is to unite both the Zone and the Districts under a cohesive framework to propel the Region forward.


President: Stephen Della (Bowral)

Secretary: Tanya Kelly (Wallacia)

Vice President: Jackie Lewis (Glenbrook)

Vice President: Lynne Boshier (Bowral)

Treasurer: Col Appleby (Campbelltown)

Chair of Match: Gary Trevethan (Lawson)

Each member of the committee brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, dedicated to the collective goal of fostering unity and progress within the New Region. Their commitment and efforts will serve as the cornerstone for the Region’s advancement until the formal establishment of governance   through the AGM and subsequent elections.