What an incredible day I had at Bargo Sports Club! I watched some thrilling playoffs for both Grade 6 and Grade 7 teams.

In the first game, Grade 6 Blacktown Workers triumphed over Glenbrook, while Grade 7 Austral (1) defeated Windsor (3). The second game saw Grade 6 Taralga victorious over Glenbrook, and Grade 7 Austral (2) overcoming Windsor (3).

Tomorrow promises even more excitement as Grade 6 Taralga faces off against Blacktown Workers to determine the ultimate winner. Similarly, Grade 7 Austral (1) will battle against Austral (2) for the championship.

The afternoon will feature Grade 4 Austral taking on Picton and Grade 5 Austral competing against Glenbrook.

Good luck to all the players in the final games!

Gary Chair of Match